So close we can taste it

After today there’s just one. More. Day of school.

Of course, that’s devastating because it’ll mean Ethan will be a seventh grader and I just can’t even talk about that, but also: summerrrrrr!

There are lots of ideas floating around Pinterest for summer fun, so to give us some inspiration for rainy days and to just break up the monotony, I made a list and thought I’d share. We have the somewhat unique challenge of needing something entertaining for both babies and big kids, so there is a little of both on this list. There’s also a pretty good mix of free or nearly free activities along with some that will cost some money. There are lots of cute ideas with popsicle sticks and paint and glitter, but I just wrote each idea on a sheet of paper and folded it up. I divided each idea into two baggies, one for indoor activities

And one for outdoor ideas


I stuck the baggies in an old vase and called it a day. Now when we are bored we can pull out a bag depending on what the weather is like and dig around for a surprise activity! So here’s the list:

1. Make moon sand
2. Go get a movie at redbox
3. Go bowling
4. Make balloon rockets
5. Build a fort with couch cushions
6. Make special stepping stones for the garden
7. Go to a children’s (or any) museum
8. Make play dough
9. Bake cookies
10. Build a volcano
11. Go to the library
12. Make homemade Popsicles
13. Pick out a craft to make from the craft store
14. Go to Target and pick something from the dollar bin
15. Make homemade pizzas
16. Make dry ice bubbles
17. Make cards for Dad
18. Movie theater at home: turn out all the lights, serve popcorn and lemonade, and watch a movie
19. Walk or ride bikes to a restaurant for lunch
20. Go get snocones
21. Create a city with sidewalk chalk
22. Go to a splash pad
23. Go for a walk together
24. Have a picnic
25. Camp in your backyard
26. Make a water blob
27. Go to the pool
28. Go to the zoo
29. Play in the sprinkler
30. Go to a state park
31. Walk to the grocery store and buy popsicles
32. Set up a slip n slide
33. Make s’mores
34. Wash the car in swimsuits
35. Water balloon fight
36. Attend a vacation bible school
37. Have an unbirthday party (with cake!)
38. Build a play tent like this or this
39. Tie dye tshirts
40. Plant a fairy garden
41. Have a movie marathon of your favorite movie series or show. Better yet, introduce your kids to some of your childhood favorites
42. Rearrange bedroom furniture
43. Paint a birdhouse
44. Attend a summer camp
45. Build an outdoor chalkboard
46. … Or one for indoor play
47. Make a sensory play bin — there are a million and one ideas for whole themes for these on Pinterest
48. DIY a water table
49. Paint a flower pot
50. Write a letter to a far off relative

We will be doing most, if not all, of these things, so check back to see which ones are the most fun. Any great ideas you want to share?


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